Vancouver Mini Maker Faire

Last Saturday I made my way down the coast to the Great Northern Way Campus to take in Vancouver’s first incarnation of a Maker Faire. Many of the exhibits managed to incorporate art, engineering, reclaimed materials, and nostalgia. Take, for example, the deconstructed Furbies, even more disconcerting stripped of their synthetic hides, still myopically blinking [...]

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Huck Finn, the Fluid Text, and Cultural Critique

Many critics are up in arms about a certain Twain scholar’s recent decision to produce a bowdlerized edition of Huckleberry Finn. Most have invoked a quotation from Twain himself on the difference between the right word and the wrong one.

Overwhelmingly, people are protesting the violation of the definitive text. But the notion of a definitive [...]

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Announcing Hur’s Spring “List”

Poems by Cynara Geissler

“In the sanctuary parents resist evil,” Geissler writes. Parents, children, teachers, poets, lovers alike; in this cycle of poems, ordinary settings become sites of resistance, of battle, of redemption. Households depend on kittens, relationships follow meridians, the son of God is a peanut. By turns funny, romantic, tragic, and clever, Small, Stunted [...]

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TH and KF do TO

Last weekend, Hur Publishing converged on Toronto to take part in this year’s BookCamp, where we were typically ninja-like in our silence but took lots of notes. Here are some thoughts on the sessions we attended.
9:30 Harlequin on starting a digital business from a print business

Harlequin’s session was (perhaps understandably) [...]

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Hur likes Kamloops

The support in Kamloops for Dragon Problems has been astounding. We have two readings booked:
Second Glance
May 1 from 1-3pm
448 Victoria Street
May 8th from 1-3pm
750 Fortune Drive
The first reading will take place during the Art Walk so it will be a great time to check out other local talent. [...]

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Thanks for Coming.

With a new site comes new responsibility: what’s that about dynamic content? With one book in print we don’t have many events to blog about, so we’ll take full advantage of the launch of Dragon Problems to populate this blog. Chris Carrier’s lovely children’s book will cause a minor stir at fine bookstores everywhere April [...]

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The pirate always gets the girl.

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